Shibamata Tokyo

Sanpo-03 Walk around Tokyo at Shibamata

Shibamata is the popular town which is well known for “Shitamachi” or old traditional town. Old famous movie “Tora-san” was filmed and set in this town. There is a shrine “Sibamata Taishakuten” and nice shopping street by the end of the shrine from Shibamata station.

Shibamata(the red tag above) is located in northeast area of Tokyo. If you go more to east even a little, you go in Chiba prefecture.

Drama and Movie “Otoko wa tsurai yo (Tora-san)”. That was broadcast from 1969 to 1995. Younger generation including me isn’t familiar with it. But we know Tora-san is still legendary drama in Japan. All Japanese know the name.

Shibamata TokyoThere are several ways to get to Shibamata. I first took a Keisei line at Keisei Ueno station(the red one above and NOT JR Ueno station). And I changed the train to Keisei Kanamachi Line at Takasago station(the blue one above), then arrived at Shibamata station(the red one above). It took about 30 minutes from Keisei Ueno station to Shibamata station.

Shibamata TokyoTakasago station to change trains.

Shibamata TokyoThis train goes to Shibamata station.

Shibamata TokyoThe train is a little old. I like it! There are even old fans at the ceiling.

Shibamata TokyoThis is Shibamata station. At the center of this area, there is a statue of Tora-san.


Shibamata TokyoI heard woman’s big voice. She sells breads and… poo!!!

Shibamata TokyoGolden poo is famous for a kind of a good-luck charm around here. That’s why lots of Japanese celebrity came to touch and buy some goods here and tennis player “Nishikori Kei” also visited here. Wow…

Shibamata TokyoKeychain

Shibamata TokyoPiggy bank

Shibamata TokyoI got a bread at this shop, yeah, just normal bread absolutely!

Omocha Hakubutukan(Toys Museum)

Shibamata Tokyo

Shibamata TokyoThere are so many cheep sweets and old‐fashioned things such as a retro games and toys.

Shibamata TokyoAlong the street, you can see different shops. I love just walking here!!

Shibamata TokyoToy shop. We can’t find this kind of old style toy shop these days.


Shibamata TokyoMy cousin and I had a lunch here at Tora-ya. Yeah, I’m with my cousin today. The drama “Tora-san” was filmed here and this place was Tora-san’s family home!

Shibamata Tokyo

Shibamata Tokyo

Shibamata Tokyo My cousin ate “Tyuka-don”. I ate Oyako-don.

Shibamata TokyoThis Kusadango is very popular sweet at Tama-ya. It was really tasty… I love it!

Shibamata TokyoThere is a Tukemono(Japanese pickled vegetables) store. I was able to eat some a little bit, it was great. My cousin bought some for her family.

Shibamata Tokyo

Shibamata TokyoI saw the group of so many tourists even on a weekday.

Shibamata TokyoThey sell a Daruma which is a Japanese traditional doll. When you buy it, you paint one side eye on it hoping for your dream. After your dream come true, you paint another side of eye.

Shibamata Taishakuten

Shibamata TokyoOh, what a beautiful gate… I wanna even hug it.

shiba18This is the inside of Taishakuten. So many old women are rushing somewhere… what’s going on? I have no idea.

Shibamata TokyoWe came across some cats near Taishakuten!!

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