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Where to Live in Tokyo with Little Budget

Did you ever think of living in Tokyo with little budget? What about the well circulated information about the extravagant cost of living, did you reason about that? Well, it’s not reasonable enough to conclude that the cost of living in Tokyo is generally high.

However I don’t dispute the fact that some areas are very expensive. Should that deter the average Joes from living in Tokyo? Absolutely “NO”. There are places you can live in Tokyo with little budget. Let’s quickly share some of them with you in the next few paragraphs.
First thing first, Tokyo is a nice place to live, however the middle class and those in the lower category may need to look for places where their cost of living will not go beyond the monthly income. You may also want places where everything is available. What do I mean by that? You actually needs water, electricity (not a problem), good transportation, and so on.


For those of you looking for places to live in Tokyo with little budget, Shin-koiwa is probably one of the places we have in the list. If your consideration is cheap hostess clubs, izakayas, and McDonald’s, then you are in the right place. Though I can’t tell what the exact prices for most things are, but this region is cheap compared to other places. It’s a residential area around the city with a few Lawson stores and Family Marts around. The more distant you live from the station, the quieter it becomes. The station services the Sobu Line, Narita Express, and Chuo-Sobu Line.


If I were to list them from cheapest, Narimasu should be the first in the list. According to the 2012 Japanese Real Estate search site, Narimasu was selected as the cheapest place to live in Tokyo. That’s good news for those who want to hide in a place where cost of living will not surpass their income. Among the reasons why this place was classified as the cheapest were; convenience to Ikebukuro, low rent, and the facilities. Living around here shouldn’t hike your monthly expenses, as it’s one of the places to live with little budget.


Asagaya in Tokyo
Asagaya is just a stop down the Chuo Line. It’s one of the places you should consider if you’re looking for cheap places to live in Tokyo. It’s slightly cheaper than the neighborhood, Koenji. This particular place is also the home for Tokyo’s two premiere pizza peddlers- Sempre Pizza and Napoli’s Pizza. With just 10,850yen, you could have dinner a whole month in these places. That’s really cheap.


It may be wrong to classify Kamata as a cheap place to live in Tokyo, but the atmosphere is good for those on low budget. It’s slightly expensive, however you can still find it affordable. It’s located in a nice area and have quick and cheap access to beaches and Haneda. Here you can actually find everything you need in one place.
We’ve come to the end of where to live in Tokyo with little budget. I hope you find it helpful.

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