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Cats that I met recently in Tokyo

cats in TokyoOh, don’t hide. Have we met before?

cats in Tokyo…I think I’m familiar with your face. Don’t be afraid. Come here.

cats in TokyoOh! You look like a Grumpy Cat a little. a little…

cats in TokyoHey! You look so concerned…are you ok?

cats in TokyoIs there any problem I can help you with…?

cats in TokyoOh me? Sorry to bother you…

cats in TokyoYou guys looks so comfortable! It’s beautiful weather:D

cats in TokyoOh, suddenly, the light from sky?? Don’t go to heaven!

cats in TokyoBeautiful traditional garden makes me feel great! Oh! What are you doing there?

cats in TokyoHow come you like that unstable place?

cats in TokyoOh you too!! Ok ok! Don’t be angry. I don’t mean to take your seat!

cats in Tokyo…Excuse me? Where are you going by train?

cats in TokyoI think It seems pointless for you to keep meowing…anyway you are cute:)

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