Tokyo hentai life
Hi, I’m Sho, Japanese man. I live in Tokyo, Japan. I’m a web designer and illustrator as a freelancer even though my drawing is terrible and I can’t make a money often. Yeah, if I say I’m a freelancer, I AM!! Not unemployed…

I just write about my simple single life on this blog. I’d like to introduce things more like what local people like and enjoy here in Tokyo with low budget. It must be informative for visitors to Tokyo!

You know, I don’t go to Kyoto or Akihabara often. Those places are only for tourists and those who like temples and cartoons. Me, like 29 year old guy without money is busy working, going for a walk around my house, staring at cats at nearby park all day long. Instead of anime or something, you can get to know the poor bachelor person’s life in Tokyo! Yay!!

The name of this blog was “TOKYO HENTAI LIFE” before, so I chose “tokyohl.com” as a domain. But I realized that the meaning of hentai is too sexual for people outside Japan… I know that it means a pervert. But in my opinion, to me, as one Japanese man, hentai has meanings more like fun and creative. I wanted to make my life more fun and creative through this blog with the term “hentai”. But I gave up using it and I think that was right decision, so domain is still “tokyohl”… I tried to get tokyoblog.com or something but sadly it’s already taken by someone.

My English writing skill is not good enough to describe my life well. I know. Sorry about that… I have been studying English. Anyway, thank you very much for visiting my blog 🙂 Nice meeting you!