Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea on a Weekday is the best choise

To me, going to Tokyo Disney land and Sea on weekends is unbelievable!! I have to wait for some rides for about 2 hours and just having foods at restaurants is very hard because of crowded people. If you can enjoy that bustling atmosphere, I’m sure you can have fun. But if you want to avoid it and ride on a popular roller coaster or something, I recommend that you visit there on a weekday:)

I went to Tokyo Disney Sea on Tuesday, November 11th with my cousin.

Tokyo Disney SeaI’ll show you how to get to Tokyo Disney Sea (Tokyo Disney Land is almost the same). There are some ways to get there. I first headed to Keiyo line(京葉線) at Tokyo station.

Tokyo Disney SeaTo Keiyo line, you walk on the long moving walkway. I got on a train bound for Soga(蘇我). Any trains except Limited Express can arrive at Maihama(舞浜) where Tokyo Disney land and Sea are located.

Tokyo Disney SeaAfter I got out of a train ticket gate at Maihama station, Hmm, I had no idea which way I should go… But I found the gate for another train bound for Tokyo Disney Sea! Oh, it’s hard to find!!

Tokyo Disney Sea
Tokyo Disney SeaI bought a ticket for the train and rode on this cute train to Tokyo Disney Sea!

Tokyo Disney SeaNow is November. Halloween ended and Christmas is coming. The staff and ornaments everywhere entertain us with Christmas atmosphere.

Tokyo Disney SeaActually, I had a cold.. Having a cold, I sometimes felt dizzy and took lots of rests at bench. But I still enjoyed myself because Disney Sea’s magic cheered me up and make me lively haha…

Tokyo Disney SeaEven Japanese style restaurant was packed. It’s over 13 o’clock but still lots of people waiting…

Tokyo Disney SeaWe were so hungry that we had a hotdog and popcorn with corn potage flavor.

Tokyo Disney SeaOh, it’s beautiful. I like this kind of uncanny scary tower. It reminded me of the days when I searched for ruins in Japan and explored the inside of old destroyed hospitals and hotels.

Tokyo Disney SeaFinally, we found the restaurant with a few people in it. I ate hamburger but hmmm it tasted so-so. Yeah, not bad.

Tokyo Disney SeaI rode on this attraction. Having a cold, I was like “oh…oh, I’m losing consciousness. I’m gonna die…”. The machine was shook than I expected.

Tokyo Disney SeaThis is “Storm rider”. This rides including above shaking machine just took us 5 to 15 minutes to wait to board. This was also tough for people having a cold. I got wet by a little spray of water…

Tokyo Disney SeaOh, I love here! I don’t get wet and it’s warm here. lots of kids hang around.

And… my battery of iPhone was dead at this point. No photos anymore…I think I should change my iPhone battery.

Anyway I don’t recommend that you go there with a bad cold absolutely! And a weekday is more comfortable for me to enjoy Disney Sea! By the way, keep in mind that Tokyo Disney Land and Sea are not in Tokyo. It’s in Chiba prefecture. Yeah, just trivial knowledge.

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