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I really enjoyed 2 Big Secondhand Stores in Tokyo

Do you like going to a secondhand store? I love it!!! To me, it’s like looking for treasures:) We Japanese call the store “Recycle shop”.

But sadly finding big secondhand stores in Tokyo is very hard because Tokyo doesn’t have enough land for big store and that is why they are located in the suburbs of Tokyo or other prefectures near Tokyo. However, I found two big stores in Tokyo. Yay! I went there and enjoyed exploring the shop to find funny and still usable things.

I made the walking map pointing at the stores at the bottom of this page.

Tokyo secondhand storeThe two stores are located at Ooizumi gakuen station. I took the Seibu ikebukuro line at Ikebukuro station. I’ve lived in Tokyo for almost 10 years but it’s still difficult to find the train to take…especially Seibu line and Tobu line from Ikebukuro. There are express and local trains. I got on a local train bound for Hannou(飯能).

Tokyo secondhand storeThis is Ooizumi gakuen station. It took about 15 minutes from Ikebukuro station. This area has two big secondhand stores! Lucky bastard!


Tokyo secondhand storeActually, I don’t recommend that you walk to the stores on foot unless you are confident that you can walk… it took over 30 minutes from the station to the store! I didn’t imagine that. Since I get easily tired, that was long journey for me! But I finally got to “HARD OFF”!

Tokyo secondhand storeWow, there are lots of used stuff here! I was excited to just being surrounded by various things like toys, antique items, electric appliances and cloths and etc!!!

Tokyo secondhand store

Tokyo secondhand storeThere are also a figure from animation and video games. You can see one piece figures over the shelf.

secondhand shop TokyoI got these. Pikachu height scale and two PS2 video games (Shinobi and Samurai) and one piece mug cup! Each thing costs only 100yen($1)!!


Tokyo secondhand storeTREASURE FACTORY is 15 minutes walk from HARD OFF. It’s smaller than HARD OFF. But the items are kept tidy and in order. Oh, by the way, this car in the picture is not being sold.

Tokyo secondhand storeThey have lots of furniture on 2nd floor.

secondhand shop TokyoYeah, again I got Pikachu item here! You know, Pikachu is the best and cutest creature, right? This is “Tenohira Picachu”. You put it on your hand and when touching it, Picachu say something to you like “Pika Pika!”.

TREASURE FACTORY has another building where you can get video games and DVDs. On the 2nd floor of the building, there are so many Japanese sexual DVDs and magazines! I mean what we call Hentai porn stuff!! But as you know, I’m not that kind of person. I’m not interested. I’m cool. I didn’t go up there. Trust me. I just caught a glimpse of the area. A little bit… a little bit.

shakujii stationAnyway, again it took me about 30 minutes to go back to a station. I went to the different station “Shakujii Kouen station” which is next to Ooizumi gakuen station.

I think you should take a taxi or drive to the stores from the station or your house. If you want to walk there as a excise, it’s great to walk:)


A : Ooizumi gakuen station
D : Shakujii kouen station

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