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Sanpo-02 Walk around Tokyo at Ueno

Ueno, this city is located in northeast of Tokyo. it reminds me of the days when I worked at “Adult toys shop” as a part time job just out of curiosity in Ueno in my college days.

Ueno has a huge park “Ueno park”, lots of museums, the largest zoo in Tokyo, beautiful shrines and cheap restaurants. Plus it is very close to Akihabara. This is really personal idea but I personally feel that Ueno is “Tokyo”. I can feel “Tokyo” when I am in Ueno. I think what fascinates me about Tokyo is diversity. There are new buildings and old public market and old shops here in Ueno, old and new stuff mixing. There is chaos in a good way. People are energetic and natural. This is just my opinion:)



A : Ueno station

ueno stationUeno station is connected with northern parts of Japan. It has long history. Since a long time ago, Ueno station has a important role in entrance to Tokyo for those who live in northern areas in Japan.

B : Yamashiroya

ueno parkYamashiroya is just in front of Ueno station. It has a variety of anime and funny goods.

ueno parkI saw some people from overseas here.

C : Adult toys shop

ueno parkEach street is fun to walk and see. So many different shops are there. Conveyor belt sushi restaurant, shoes and cloths shop, lots of Izakaya and…

ueno parkAdult toys shop! Check it out:) It needs more time to walk around this area “Ameyoko”. But this time, I passed the street and headed to Ueno park.

D : National Museum of Nature and Science

ueno parkSince my cousin wants to go to National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno park to see artificial crystal, we went there.

ueno parkNational Museum of Nature and Science

ueno parkDifferent kinds of crystals for a jewelry and semiconductor. “The display of artificial crystals” has been a temporary exhibit until January 12th.

ueno parkThey have lots of zoological and botanical specimens, fossil remains, dinosaurs bones and etc. If I carefully look at each thing here, it takes a half day.

ueno parkThe device explains display in English, Chinese and Korean.

ueno parkThis small box makes it possible to see cosmic rays. I was scared a little. Because it reminded me of the movie “Chronicle”. When I see some unusual stuff from space, is it not likely that I might transform into one who have supernatural power??

ueno parkThe shop in the museum has funny and interesting items as a good souvenir. As there were a lot of elementary school students who enjoyed school picnic, they crowded around dinosaur chocolates and cookies.

E : Starbucks

ueno parkThere are some performers even on a weekday in this huge area. It’s peaceful around here. I happened to find interesting spot on the left side.

ueno parkWow, it’s horizontally long Starbucks!

F : Ueno Toshogu

ueno parkThis is the entrance of Ueno Toshogu. Tokugawa Ieyasu who ruled Japan in Edo period has been enshrined in this shrine.

ueno parkIn front of the gate, there is a old and cute store. I love it!! You can eat some foods and buy toys. I got “Niku-man”, a bread who has meat inside.


ueno parkLots of people has been here to pray for their success and happiness. Some leaves are turning red and yellow. I like this season except for cold!

ueno parkWow. there is even “Gojunotou” five-storied pagoda.

G : Keisei Ueno station

ueno parkNow I arrived at Keisei Ueno station to visit other area “Shibamata” by train, which is well known for a old traditional town in Tokyo. The station is exactly across this huge electric appliance store “Yodobashi camera”.

And I went to Shibamata!!

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