Have you tried this Free Dating Website I made?

About three years ago, I made the website where I can find a date in theory. The reason why I made it is that simply I just wanted a girlfriend. I hadn’t had a chance to get a girlfriend because I’m shy. However, although I waited for months and a year, no one has never

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O-bon Festival at my grandma’s home

I went to Yamataga prefecture to meet my grandparents and relatives during this summer. We Japanese welcome spirits of our ancestors usually from August 13 to 15. This is a very important family gathering season. In the video above, we clean the grave stone and put some flowers and foods there.   Nagashi somen is

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Let’s eat Anne’s hair!

I happened to find this shocking bread at a convenience store “Family Mart” in Tokyo. Its shape looks like a princess Anne’s French braid hair! I put the head next to the bread. Oh… it looks like she lost her hair, leaving only the part of braid. It tastes good. Chocolate cream and whipped cream

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