Have You Tried This Free Dating Website I Made?

Have you tried this Free Dating Website I made?

About three years ago, I made the website where I can find a date in theory. The reason why I made it is that simply I just wanted a girlfriend. I hadn’t had a chance to get a girlfriend because I’m shy.

However, although I waited for months and a year, no one has never found me on the website and gotten in touch with me. What is wrong with people?! Women vanished or became extinct outside Japan?? This is the dating site I made. You can meet various guys who have good hobbies and are good-looking. SweetHeartsMeow.com

As you can see if you enjoy the website, you notice how it works. Yeah, you can find only one guy, Me. There are only thirty me who has different sides.  No one is allowed to register. Of course!! That’s mine!!! It is inevitable that  users should contact me in theory. Oh, yeah maybe now you are thinking of me as super genius? Yes I am. But sadly, It didn’t work in practice. So I gave up at that time.

After a few years, I came up with the great idea again. This time, I made an iPhone app. If you have a feelings for someone, you can have a relationship with him or her with this app in theory. I gave a presentation on the funny app contest in Tokyo and I won first prize. This is the video of the contest.

You want to know mechanics? Ok, I’ll explain. First, you register your best picture and name in the app. Second, while you say to someone who you like “You can find Mr right by this app!! Now try fortune-telling! give it a try!! “,  you make him or her enjoy fake fortune-telling. After that, YOUR FACE SHOWS UP on the screen of an iPhone!!!!!!!! She or he will say ” Oh, wow, you are the one!!!!!!!” You say “Yeah hell yeah!!!!!!”

How about it?
By the way, I’m not psychopath. My friend told me ‘…Are you psychopath? The website and app are a little creepy…and you are also a little creepy’. No no no these are just joke. Believe me.

I can’t afford to pay yearly program fee for iPhone app development, so the app is not available anymore and this app also ended up not working for getting a girlfriend…

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