obon festival

O-bon Festival at my grandma’s home

I went to Yamataga prefecture to meet my grandparents and relatives during this summer. We Japanese welcome spirits of our ancestors usually from August 13 to 15. This is a very important family gathering season. In the video above, we clean the grave stone and put some flowers and foods there.


Nagashi somen is a traditional way to enjoy eating somen (Japanese noodle made of wheat flour). My uncle cut the bamboo at the nearby mountain and made this setting by himself. My relatives and I got together and ate lots of somen. It was cold and really tasty!!


Eating grandma’s cuisine is one of my favorites during this season. There are so many delicious foods that I can’t usually eat in Tokyo. It was very good… I was really happy to have various countryside’s foods!


Since we had a lot of free time, my cousin and I looked for something to enjoy. I found the iPhone app which can add special effects on a video. I made this scary one, laughing with him.

I’m so grateful to having this peaceful environment and opportunity to meet relatives every summer.

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