Making Tshirts by myself with “Tshirts-kun”

Making Tshirts by myself with “T-shirts-kun”

tshirtskun“T-shirts-kun” is a kit for making T-shirts on your own. You can print your drawings and designs on a T-shirts easily. I have made lots of T-shirts and sometimes sold them online and some events in Tokyo.

This time, I made the T-shirts as the present for one of my Korean friends who got married. I drew their faces!

tshirtskunFirst, I drew the design on a piece of paper with a Japanese brush. Second, I cut the paper to fit the silk-screen printing plate and attach the paper on the plate with a spray adhesive.

tshirtskunThird, I put the plate in the device which exposes the design to exposure light (Sorry I didn’t take the picture of this part). After that, I wash the plate with a blush. Then, I put the black ink on it and print the design with the thing like a squeegee.

tshirtskunYay!! Kawaii!! I printed the drawing on several T-shirts with some colors.

TshirtskunThey looked so happy when I gave the T-shirts to them. I gave them long-sleeved T-shirts because now they have been liviing in Scotland to study art at the moment and I thought it’s cold there.

Making T-shirts and giving it to someone is very fun. You can buy T-shirts-kun at TOKYU HANDS in Japan. I don’t know that people buy the kit from overseas… but If you have a chance to use it, I recommend that you try making your own T-shirts!

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