origami penguin

ORIGAMI that Looks Like a Real Penguin

I got this origami “REALFAKE ORIGAMI” at village vanguard, or funny goods shop in Tokyo. The skin of penguin and seal is printed on the paper. Other than penguin, there are various series such as a panda and giraffe.

ORIGAMI that Looks Like Real PenguinOh… penguin’s skin… of course it’s not fluffy. The smell of the paper is good… haaa… It has English instruction of how to fold it.

ORIGAMI that Looks Like Real PenguinReading explanation, I fold it carefully. I tried only by reading English but I soon gave up. It’s difficult to even read and understand Japanese instruction. Maybe it’s because it’s been 10 years since I did origami before.

ORIGAMI that Looks Like Real PenguinBy the way, I think, I should do this kind of thing together with a girlfriend or someone. I feel sad making origami alone in the middle of the night … and I don’t have a girlfriend. But when I see it look like a penguine, I’m a little happy. I feel like I’m making a creature!

ORIGAMI that Looks Like Real PenguinThe more I proceed to the last part, The more difficult it is to understand how to fold it. What is “Pinch the corner and pull it down”? I was suspended here for about 20 minutes…

ORIGAMI that Looks Like Real PenguinI didn’t understand some parts of the explanatory leaflet and I wanted to throw it away through the window of my house a few times but I finally made it!!! It is cute! It’s good enough to place it somewhere in my room as an art, isn’t it?!

ORIGAMI that Looks Like Real PenguinI was like “Oh I can make next origami, ok let’s try Seal!” But when I see this complicated instruction, I gave up immediately. Yeah, I would make it with my future girlfriend!

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