poor dinner in Tokyo

My Poor Dinner Recipe on October 2014

Since I’m struggling to survive in Tokyo where living cost is so expensive, my every meal is like below. I’m so lazy that I don’t cook and I don’t use a kitchen knife. That’s my style. Enjoy reading and learning the recipes of poor single man’s dinner in Tokyo!

Instant Ramen – Sapporoichiban Shio Ramen

Total cost : 180yen

Instant Ramen – Sapporoichiban Shio Ramen1. Buy it at a supermarket or convenience store. This Ramen “Sapporoichiban Shio Ramen” is the best to me!

Instant Ramen – Sapporoichiban Shio Ramen2. Put them into boiled water and wait for about 3 minutes. One ramen is not enough for me, so I usually eat two ramen at one time.

Instant Ramen – Sapporoichiban Shio Ramen3. I made it! only egg topping…because I’m poor.

Frozen pasta

Total cost : 190yen
frozen spagettiThis is not even cooking, just frozen pasta. It’s a soy source butter pasta with cod roe.

frozen spagettiIt says, this side should face up in the microwave.

frozen spagettiEven though it says it’s big size, it’s not enough for me, so I eat banana or something the pasta.

Bento at convenience store

Total cost : 390yen
bento in TokyoThis is not even recipe. I just buy this kind of bento at a nearby convenience store. Hamburg steak, Shuumai, fish, sausage and etc are in it. Tastes good? Hmmm.

Natto Egg Udon

Total cost : 150yen
natto udonThe combination of natto and udon is the best! I always use cheep frozen udon.

Mabo Udon

Total cost : 150yen
mabodouhu udonAgain, udon can go with many foods like mabo tofu. Mabo tofu is a originally Chinese food, tofu and minced meat with Chinese chilli sauce.

Spicy Instant Ramen with Cheese – Shin Ramen

Total cost : 130yen
shin ramenHave you heard of Shin ramen, which come from Korea? It’s a spicy delicious instant ramen.

shin ramenMy Korean friend told me to put a cheese in it. I did and it was great!

Uzumaki Danish

Total cost : 124yen
uzumaki breadActually, this is not Uzumaki Danish. It’s similar one. The name is “Mini Snack Gold”. I don’t know why there is one which is really similar to Uzumaki Danish. Anyway, no matter what, I call this kind of bread Uzumaki Danish. Uzumaki and Uzumaki naruto are not related. But uzumaki means a whirlpool. By the way, what is Danish? People from Denmark? Hmmm. When I saw this bread’s calorie for the first time, I was surprised to see 556kcal… I like it a lot, so it’s sometimes my dinner.

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